Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Call for Stories of Wartime Memories, from Kristen den Hartog and Tracy Kasaboski

The following is from author Kristen den Hartog, co-author of The Occupied Garden, which I recently edited.


As you know, The Occupied Garden, the book my sister Tracy Kasaboski and I have written, is due out in March, and we are very excited about its release. Early in March, we'll be launching a website, and one of the components will be a page on which people share their own family stories about the war, along with images they have from that time. We hope to hear lots of stories from a variety of perspectives, but would like also to start with some when the website is launched, which is why I'm contacting you. If you have an anecdote or a longer tale you would like to share, either anonymously or with your name attached, please write it down and send it to me. If the story is fuzzy or full of gaps and questions, that's okay too -- memories and passed-down stories are often that way. An accompanying photograph is not essential, but of course would be appreciated. Our site will have lots of our own family photographs, as well as wartime photos we've found in archives etc.

If you know of someone who might like to contribute, please feel free to forward this email.

Many thanks. I look forward to hearing your stories!

Kristen den Hartog

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