Friday, May 23, 2008

Bernie Kuntz to Launch "Limericks to Save Planet Earth" in Fall 2008

Workshop participant Bernie Kuntz shares the news that his creative poetry-for-charity project, a self-published book titled Limericks to Save Planet Earth, is written, and production is well underway. Limericks will be available for purchase in Fall 2008. Bernie is also a member of the WALRUS Club, a writing group that he and several other enthusiastic writers -- Celine Kessler, Margaret Nosworthy, Sonia Goodman and Stan Stevenson -- created after meeting in my June 2007 North York Central Library workshop series.

Here's the preface to his book, along with his bio.


This book is an endeavour to support three worthy charitable organizations involved in cancer, heart and climate change. None of these organizations were involved in, or have in any way endorsed, the contents of this book.

I plan to donate one-third of the profits from the sale of this book to each of the organizations. Regarding the first two causes, I have lost family and friends who have succumbed to cancer and heart related problems at too young an age.

As for the third cause, before the environmental issue caught on in a big way with the public, business community, politicians and media in 2006, I was involved in several initiatives to try and spread awareness and support action against global warming and climate change. Much of this work was done with the help of a friend, Prodyot (PK) Lala.

Hopefully, most readers will find that by buying this book they will share the same good feelings that I experienced, knowing that they have supported one or more causes they can identify with through their life experiences.


Readers may even enjoy some of the poetry as an unexpected bonus!!!

While many of the limericks are based on real people, places and events, names have been changed to preserve anonymity.



Please don’t operate heavy machinery for at least 4 hours after reading any limericks…!

While most of the poems are about nature, people, etc. a few actually deal with "mature content"!!! (Readers who shun the traditional “naughty” genre of limericks should refrain from reading the chapter titled “Mature” in Part 1.)

Bernie Kuntz

About the Author/Poet

Bernie Kuntz grew up in South Africa where he qualified as a Chemical Engineer. He then worked for many years in a variety of industries in South Africa and England. He later qualified as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa – and Canada, after his emigration there.

He has held management positions in industry, public accounting, the public sector and consulting. He has also been active in volunteer activities.

His interests include, but are not limited to, activities involving words and creativity, e.g. reading, writing, theatre, music, poetry, puns, Scrabble, cryptic crossword puzzles, inventions and the like.

He maintains that his time spent in England and the special attributes of his two professions helped to provide the interest and structure required to write limericks! That may be a stretch…

Bernie is married and lives in Toronto, along with his two married children and three grandchildren.

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