Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Joan Sinclair publishes "Lieber Walter, Deine Margret" (Dear Walter, Love Margret)

Joan Sinclair, who attended one of my workshops at Varley Art Gallery, sends news that in late June she will launch her self-published epistolary memoir based on letters between her German mother, Margret Cohen-Tuteur, and Margret’s young beau from 1935 to 1940, Walter Roos. The Second World War separated Margret and Walter, and eventually each of them married another and had a family. Many years and thousands of miles later, they were reunited in Canada, widow and widower, during the final years of Margret's life. Walter, who had kept her letters, painstakingly translated each of them from German into English for this touching tribute, which is written by Joan and includes other writing by Margret. Lieber Walter, Deine Margret (Dear Walter, Love Margret) has been published for family and friends and, according to Joan, "for anyone who needs to be reminded that true love never dies and for those who enjoy a love story with a very happy ending." Joan Sinclair is a family mediator and counsellor.

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