Sunday, August 10, 2008

Car Pool Message Board for Memoir Writers Social, September 17

If you can offer a ride to the event, or need a lift there, please click "Comment" below this post and indicate your location and any other pertinent information, including a contact e-mail address or phone number through which you can be reached to firm up a plan. Days Road Writers' Workshops will not be organizing the car pooling; this is the responsibility of individual guests. But we hope this post will help.

Car pooling is good for the environment, and can be fun as well!


Tilya said...

I live near St Clair-Avenue Road, so if anyone lives near me and can give me a lift to the Bistro, I would be very grateful. Tilya Helfield


Hi Tilya,

Cheryl has offered to give you a ride to the social. She'll be in touch when she's back from holidays, after Sept 6. See you there!

Cheryl Andrews said...

Hi Tilya,

I'm happy to pick you up. I'll be coming from Newmarket and will just need to sort the logistics for the set up that day. Anahita is helping with the set up too, so many hands ...

Why don't you and I co-ordinate on the phone. Call me at home. If you don't have the phone number any more ... email me at

Bye for now