Friday, March 27, 2009

Bernie Kuntz Self-Publishes "Limericks to Save Planet Earth"

Bernie Kuntz, one of my workshop participants, shares the news that his creative poetry-for-charity project, a self-published book titled Limericks to Save Planet Earth! is now available for purchase. Bernie is a member of the WALRUS Club, a writers' group created by five enthusiastic writers who met in my June 2007 North York Central Library workshop series -- the other members are Celine Kessler, Margaret Nosworthy, Sonia Goodman and Stan Stevenson. (I was humbled to learn that the name of the club is an acronym for Writers of Allyson Latta 'R' Us.)

While most of the limericks in this 100-page paperback are based on real people, places and events in his life, a few deal with fictional "mature content," though he assures me that these are pretty mild! All profits from the sale of his books will go to three charitable organizations involved in cancer research, heart research and action against climate change.

Bernie's "appeal-ing" limerick on his book's back cover says it all:

Oh dear reader, my thanks for support!
This anthology won't be for naught...
Let us save Planet Earth,
While enjoying some mirth?
But, to happen, this book must be bought!!!

He adds: "Readers may even enjoy some of the poetry as an unexpected bonus!"

Limericks to Save Planet Earth is available for $18 a copy. To order, contact Bernie by e-mail at

Further details and excerpts from the book can be found on Bernie's unfinished "storefront" page at, or click Limericks to Save Planet Earth

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traveller said...

Well done Bernie. You are the first to have your work published.
Margaret. A WALRUS