Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Chance to Contribute Thoughts about Self-Publishing Online

More and more these days, publishing online is a possibility that I suggest to my workshop participants, but whether the option of publishing on a blog or a website is right for you, and what you choose to publish there, will depend on your writing goals, your audience and other factors.

I recently asked author Rebecca Rosenblum, who created the entertaining blog "Rose-coloured," for her thoughts and she was intrigued enough to blog on this topic. Drop in and see what she has to say at


If you're curious about self-publishing online, or are already doing it, Rebecca and I would like to hear your opinions (or your concerns or questions). There is so much experimentation going on out there with electronic publishing that there's no "right" answer for everyone. We encourage you to comment on her post on "Rose-coloured."

Rebecca and I were fellow judges in the 2009 U of T Magazine short fiction contest. She is the author of a short-story collection Once, which won the Metcalf-Rooke Award, and her second collection, The Big Dream, has been accepted for publication by Biblioasis.


While I'm posting, let me also wish everyone reading this the best of the season. May you experience joy and good health in the new year -- and of course, time to revel in reading and writing!

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Happy holidays,

Allyson Latta

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