Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Allyson Latta's Interview with David Gilmour, author of the memoir "The Film Club"

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John Lee said...

Dear Allyson: Tuesday night, July 29th, Victoria, BC

Your interview was most revealing. It's a novel kind of memoir story which brings to mind, I have two polar-opposite sons. I don't think they would cooperate. Gilmore gets my applause for managing his son's turnaround explicitly.

The interview certainly invites me to purchase the book and look down the road for a sequel to see how things unfold.

Did you watch the excellent presentation on Lawrence Hill given on CBC today? If you did you would be justly thrilled by the sight of him being welcomed by the Queen. Also the remarks of Reg Sherren who provided background information on Hill and the nature of his book. I thought it was CBC at it's best.

Will my forwarding a cheque assure me of a place in your online workshop beginning on September 29th.?


Hi John,

I'm glad you found the piece about "The Film Club" interesting. David's a fascinating interview. And I'm sure many readers of his memoir will be interested to hear how his son Jesse does down the road. I have no doubt that whatever career (or careers?) he chooses, he'll do well.

Yes, I did see Larry being presented with the Commonwealth Writers' Prize on CBC. The event must have been thrilling for him. For me, it's a pleasure even to have worked behind the scenes as an editor on such a book.

You're now registered for the online advanced workshop. I've written to you at your e-mail with details.