Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Days Road Writers' Workshops site now incorporates features from former "Treasures in the Attic"

As of July 2008, my previous blog, Treasures in the Attic, a forum in which workshop participants shared their memoir writing, has merged with Days Road Writers' Workshops. "Treasures" is no longer publicly accessible. Its resources, however, have been moved here.

Student writing from the former blog is in the process of being transferred here too. Some stories already appear at the bottom of this page -- see clickable links under the section title "Treasures in the Attic" -- and there are more to come! Please note that students will no longer be able to post their own memoirs as they did on "Treasures." However, if you have a story that you'd like to share with readers, e-mail it to me at lattamemoirs@gmail.com and I'll create a webpage for it. These stories can be read by anyone on the Internet, either via this site or via the individual URL attached to each. (Click on the story title and open the page to view and copy the URL.)

Thank you for your patience with these changes, which I hope will make the DRWW site even more entertaining and comprehensive for visitors.

And thanks to all the current and former workshoppers who over time contributed their wonderful life stories to Treasures in the Attic.

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